The Code of Conduct attached below is intended to enable guidance for members on the standards that BREDAI expects from them in the conduct of their company operations. However, please note that it does not have the legally binding aspects of a business contract or agreement. Nevertheless, it is created to enable BREDAI members with clear and concise guidelines to impart assurance and positivity to their buyers/purchasers.

The essential values underpinning the Code of Conduct are as follows:

- The customers are at the centre of everything BREDAI members do

- Apart from high standards of quality, honesty and fairness in dealing is expected from all BREDAI members.

- Commitment to impeccable service to customers, and proactively responding to all queries/requests for customer benefit.

For further information, please request for a copy of BREDAI's Code of Conduct through Email or Phone.

Gain credibility by becoming a BREDAI member and at a nominally low joining fee look forward to a bouquet of maximum benefits, including:

* BREDAI's legal team provides critical knowledge sessions on RERA, GST, Income Tax and so on. With the timely guidance from its panel of analysts, you too can avoid unnecessary penalties or legal strains.

* BREDAI's R&D cell assists in enhancing the skills of its member companies by providing access to a wide range of latest technologies and innovative methods that can save time and money while increasing the quality of construction.

* As it is committed to its members welfare, BREDAI is representing the Real Estate issues with respectve state governments and is aiming to transform Real Estate through policies such as single window approval of building plan approvals in Karnataka and other states.

* BREDAI's events — seminars, workshops, expos — are an unbeatable source of practical and profitable information. So become a member and make sure to attend it all.

* All the members of BREDAI can avail the best cost advantage in items such as Lifts, Steel, Cement by ordering in bulk. So put your mind at rest and let BREDAI negotiate cost savings in the range of 15 -20% through group orders.

* For vital information such as laws, regulations, building standards and so on, BREDAI's library of vital data and research based information is directed at responding to the needs of its every member at all times.

BREDAI offers a wide range of memberships so you can choose the most appropriate membership category suited for you:

* Individual Membership: Available to any individual involved in the real estate, construction industry and their allied industries.

* Corporate membership: For any company involved in the business/trading of real estate, construction industry and their allied industries.

* Affiliate Membership: Any company, firm or individual person, whether in India or overseas, not being eligible for Individual or Corporate membership may apply.

To become a BREDAI member, a company/professional has to meet the high standards of quality and integrity. The BREDAI membership options are open to all Indian real estate, construction and their allied companies as well as practicing real estate professionals. The companies/professionals interested in joining BREDAI need apply through email or contact your nearest BREDAI office to fulfill certain formalities. Membership fees is paid on an annual basis (January – December).

BREDAI membership is made up of reputed real estate/construction/allied companies and professionals. It is your direct access to every specialty interest company/professional related to real estate/construction/allied industry. One of reasons to put together this members list on the web is to provide an online platform for all members to exchange work ideas, share project experiences and work collaboratively for mutual benefits.